Repair Line Inventory Management

Totis are able to help you manage customer estates by working with you to have planned inventory, owned by Totis, located in your premises ready to be utilised by your repair engineers.

By sharing information on the products, you maintain and service, we can help ensure your SLAs are met and your capital risk is greatly reduced.

Totis will review on-site inventory daily and will pre-alert the site contact for any recommended replenishments.

This methodology negates the need for lengthy and time-consuming returns processes.

Totis will produce monthly reports for ageing and non-moving stock to ensure that on-site inventory is relevant to current usage as well as producing quarterly price review reports against all product lines to ensure true representation of current market values.

Guaranteed on-site inventory gives:
• Reduced repair TAT
• Elimination of supplier lead-times
• No shipping costs
• No returns process
• 1 invoice each month
• Reduction to financial exposure on inventory